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/whispers; I’m gomen neHAPPY BIRTHDAY X7

Thank you x7 I love it vAv/♥

For xritsunI love you daddy ; u; I’m sorry this is a day late *heart*I love you *huggles forever and ever and ever*This took me a while… know…9 hours |DMaybe cause I was also RPing with people sghjfalgasjfgkanyhoo, I hope you like it daddy. :3And anyone else who sees this ;]

Awe, Thanks you Hayner! ;A;I love it 8’D;And of course, I love you too.And it’s fine, no worries, better late then never right? |D

For xritsun; 
If I had the talent I would’ve painted you a mural. But my drawing talent is horrible. orz;; Can you tell who is in the drawing? If you can then you are REALLY amazing. xD 
Anyways, have a freakin’ awesome day and year and lasdkjgafldg. Keep on being supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious and strutting your way down the runway because you shine. OH! And most of all don’t forget to smile and be so sugoii peoples namidas will be going kira kira all day long because your just that coo. /rolls away because I sound weird. 
But yeah - I love you and I mean it. Happy Birthday, hun~:U ♥

Again, thank you. I love it! 8D♥And I love you too, of course 8)


xritsun replied to your post: 
I’m online now, I just tend to go from reblogging to lurking, lol.

ahgjakfdjglakdfg./tackles. HEY HEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! Again. orz; /rolls away.

Awes, you’re adorable. Let me Squish you >A<
Anyways, Thank you, again, Kairi 8’D

Lmao,/dying.Don&#8217;t mind me, I&#8217;m just going to casually die over here.Anyways, Thank you, Goofy 8&#8217;DI love it&lt;3

Hey Riku, Happy Birthday.You should know that you’re like the BEST Riku I’ve met. Its almost like you ARE Riku. Maybe without so much angst to due losing to the darkness in real life though. Anyway! You’re a great person and I’m glad to have met you. Please don’t change for anyone.-Xion 

Thank you, Xion! ;A;I love it ;w; ♥
listenxandtouch-myheartbeat-dea: Happoy Happoy Bwrthday to youuuu~ Dear (Riku) Dawddy, I wuff you! You're awn awesom dawddy to wittle Owlette. Yw'll always bwe my favvoriest dawddy everrr!!!! [ XDD Excuse that~ I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope w/e you wish for this year will come true! <3333333333333333333333333333333


You’re adorable okay? Okay.
/proceeds to squish and love little Olette.

Thank you, Olette♥


Thanks Yuffie 8D


Happy birthday~ ♥ (´∀`)/ || xritsun (★)

May 2, 2012— Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Ana, happy birthday to you~! (◡‿◡✿) Ahaha, I hope to see you very soon! If I remember correctly, I was 15 and you were 17 when we first met— aha, so the GIF here kinda just hit a little relevant weak spot&#160;; v; — I’ve pretty much grown up with you~It’s just… it’s nice that we’re still friends, after all this time, and that we’ve known each other for so many years. Nothing has really changed, besides our ages, huh? Thank you so much for being my friend and becoming a part of my family— just thank you for being a part of my life! I love you so very dearly! /spazzes because derpy dork&#160;; v; -squishes and loves on and everything- Just, have a nice birthday my love, okay!

Okay. I&#8217;m a total crybaby okay. This totally brought tears to my eyes ;A;And yep, if I remember right then you are correct, ha ha. asdfghjkl; There&#8217;s so much I want to say, but I can&#8217;t put it to words. |DSo, I&#8217;ll just wrap it up ;w;Thank you for the grift, I love it.I really, really do♥ -is squished and loved on and everything.-So thank you, and for being my friend too 8)