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For xritsun;

If I had the talent I would’ve painted you a mural. But my drawing talent is horrible. orz;; Can you tell who is in the drawing? If you can then you are REALLY amazing. xD

Anyways, have a freakin’ awesome day and year and lasdkjgafldg. Keep on being supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious and strutting your way down the runway because you shine. OH! And most of all don’t forget to smile and be so sugoii peoples namidas will be going kira kira all day long because your just that coo. /rolls away because I sound weird.

But yeah - I love you and I mean it. Happy Birthday, hun~:U

Again, thank you.
I love it! 8D♥
And I love you too, of course 8)

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